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Posted on September 1, 2016

CrossFit Kids

Did you know???

That we offer multiple kid's programs?!

It's true, now let's look at some of the reasons why you should care.

Since the inception of CrossFit Kids in 2004 data has been collected...

The numbers have been analyzed....

Charts have been made....

And the reports show some interesting statistics. (Click the link to read the full article.)

- 47% of students participating in CrossFit kids said they participated because it made them feel healthier...

- 47% of students participating in CrossFit kids said they partcipated because it made them feel smarter

Why would kids feel smarter with exercise?

Here are some more stats for you

- In the study done 100% of the treatment group (kids doing CrossFit) saw an increase in math standardized test scores an increase of 15%.

- The same study found that the treatment group saw a 12% increase in Language Arts testing.

Those are some pretty amazing numbers!

At CrossFit 330 we have multiple children's programs to help your kids not only to get healthier, but also to be more effective in the classroom.

Staff members are CF330 are not only CrossFit L1 certified, but we also have staff members with their CrossFit Kids certificate and also K-12 health and physical education certificatin through the Ohio Department of Education.

To learn more about our KIDFIT and BOOM! Sport's Performance Programs click here.

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