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Northeast Ohio's Answer for High Quality Crossfit Classes and Community

Crossfit 330 is the leading group training and personal training facility for busy professionals to lose weight, boost energy, and be a part of an amazingly supportive community. 

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Why CF330 is Right For You

You are a go-getter in so many areas of your life. You work hard, you thrive in your profession and you give your family your all.

However, your professional and personal success has often come at a cost; not only your health, but also your identity.

Who have you become? How did this happen? Where did your energy and confidence go?

You've tried to stay active, but nothing really seems to get you the results you want so it was hard to stick to it...and you don't have the time to figure it all out on your own at a 24-hour gym. 

The truth is, it's NOT YOUR FAULT and you are just like every other member of our CF330 family. You've given your all to your career and family and should be proud of that!

But now it's time to dedicate yourself to a new cause: YOU!

It's time to put yourself back on the priority list and we would be honored to be part of your journey. 

You need a better way to integrate healthy habits into your life long-term. That is why our programs are built around keeping you accountable to a proven plan that is focused on healthy, sustainable results. 

If you are ready to take back control, feel like YOU again with the energy you

used to have, and be empowered to live your life without limitations  fill out our "Get Started" form. . 

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What to Expect

1. Request More Information:

When you request more information by filling out our “Get Started” form we will give you a call to answer all of your questions. We can schedule a call at a time that is convenient to you!


2. Come In For A Meeting:

We want you to come in and get comfortable with the space, the team, and the other members. We also want to listen to you and learn more about where you feel stuck and where you need guidance.


3. Choose The Program For You

Our services are designed to provide the expertise and accountability you need. We will work with you to find the right program for you , your goals and your budget to set you up for success from the get go



Workout of the Day

CrossFit 330 has forever changed my life and has gave my family something we can enjoy together! I love this place and this community!!!
— Krystle Jasko
If you want a different gym experience, one where you’re treated more like family than just a member or meat head, then 330 is the place to go. They work with you to achieve your individual goals. They have amazing programming done by an educated trainer, so you get a safe and effective workout each and every day. You’re cared about by each member of the coaching staff as well as the other members of the 330 family. Have been thankful since day 1 that I chose to try out crossfit at this gym before any other!
— Lynnette Blizzard
What an amazing gym. The coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. If you are looking for drive and encouragement, then look no further. I have doing this for almost a year, this place, and the people there, have changed my life. I’m healthier than I have ever been! My kids look for ways to exercise and make healthier choices. I have gained confidence, self-esteem, drive, energy, since of direction, strength. I GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!!
— Stephanie Hrubik

A Little About Us...

1. Our Mission:

To empower individuals to surpass expectations.

2. Our Core Values:

CrossFit 330 was built on 3 core values.

We are Results and Community Driven. 

Excellence in Leadership and Coaching 

Family First

3.  Our Expert Team:

Our highly qualified team is the best in the area. We employee the most CF-L2 trainers around! Our trainers go above and beyond the norm to ensure our clients get the best coaching available. Our coaches complete a 360-hour internship in addition to their certifications and continuing education.

CrossFit 330 Staff, Community, Coaching


3 Steps to Your Success

STEP 1: Clarify Your Goals:

Without a clearly defined goal, you will never see results. We will help you to clarify exactly what you want, and come up with a plan that will ensure success. We take everything we learn about your needs, goals, and fitness level and match you with the training program that is right for you.

STEP 2: Implement:

Our trainers will coach you through your program every time you come into the box. We'll teach you how to perform your movement corrects, use the equipment properly, and modify exercises as needed to keep you safe and challenged.

STEP 3: Assess and Support:

We will evaluate your progress with you on a regularly basis thru looking at logged workouts, and gathering data to keep you efficiently progressing. You will finally have the consistency you need and we will keep you accountable to yourself and your long term goals. We also support your progress with nutritional and supplement coaching  to help you maximize your results. 

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