About Us

What’s the story of CrossFit 330? It’s a story of success. Your success!! CrossFit 330 was established as a box where any person, of any age or fitness level, could work out and find success. It is a box where we try to take the intimidation out of CrossFit. When you commit to CrossFit 330, the coaches commit to you and your success. So, how do you define success? It could be anything- taking inches off your waistline, adding 50 lbs to your deadlift, taking a minute off your mile time, getting your first pull up, making new friends, or looking better naked. If a goal is important to you, is important to us.

The staff at CrossFit 330 firmly believes that we can help you achieve whatever fitness goals you set for yourself through our WOD programming. When owner, Michelle Sutton, started CrossFit she was just coming off a double mastectomy and multiple reconstruction surgeries. Her doctors had warned her that she may never be able to do things that used much upper body strength again due to complications from the surgeries. They wanted her to prepare herself for the possibility that push ups, pull ups, and other upper body exercises just may not be in the cards for her. At first, they were 100% correct: Michelle could not even make it through a full WOD. However, in time she was able to begin completing WODs. After a year, she was able to RX in WODs with pull ups and rope climbs! Through the use of CrossFit programming and training, she was able to regain strength and mobility that the doctors never expected. Through this experience Michelle decided that she wanted to help others find success in ways that they may not feel possible, and CrossFit 330 was born.

This is our story. We can’t wait to help you make yours.

Any age….

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