December 2018- Carol Messner

Congratulations to Carol Messner, our spotlight athlete for November!

Age: 55
CrossFit Experience: 7 months
Favorite WOD/Exercise: Tabata
Least Favorite WOD/Exercise: Partner WOD

Why did you start CrossFit?

To get healthy and keep up with my grandchildren.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The workouts are tough but you feel good afterwards.

What is a PR (Personal Record) that you are proud of?

Running 400 meters without stopping.

What motivates you to CrossFit?

Building endurance and muscles.

What goals would you like to achieve in the next year that CrossFit can help you with?

Losing weight.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about starting CrossFit, but was nervous or scared?

Crossfit 330 is the most welcoming gym ever!