Give Thanks!


This weekend was filled with 2 amazing CF330 events!


The 330 Throwdown and the Pizza Party at County Line Family Farm.


If you participated in those events you know just how awesome they both were.


The Throwdown was once again a kick a$$ competition.


I am blown away time and time again with the quality competitions that we are able to produce. 


As Diane and I reflected about how smoothly everything went and how much fun everyone had we wanted to take a few minutes and send out some special Thank You’s!


Without our amazing members and team none of this would be possible.


So, without further ado….


Thank You to All of the amazing Tribe members who came out to volunteer and cheer our competitors on at the Throwdown this weekend. 


From the greeters, to judges, to floaters, to food specialists, to the pit crew YOU guys were fantastic and helped to keep us organized, on schedule and moving through the WODs.


Thank you to Darek Stanfield for giving up his Saturday to come out and take care of our athletes!


We would also like to send a special THANK YOU out to Liz Blystone for handling all things scoring and doing lots of organizing for the Throwdown! (Including keeping Dustin and myself on deadlines which can be a challenge. )


To the staff who gave up their Saturday to come in and judge (a thankless job), set up and tear down, and talk the Throwdown up to possible teams we THANK YOU! Without each and every one of you guys we would def would not have been able to pull off such an Amazing event!


Shout out to Madison Damsa who got a ton of fantastic pictures of the event! 


Dustin, Thank You for once again planning a great event! Your awesome WODs and phenomenal MC skills set us all up for a great day. I’m pretty sure we need a mic at the gym at all times!


After a full day of fun at the Throwdown we headed out to County Line Family Farm to refuel and relax with out CF330 family.


The atmosphere was outstanding!


The weather was perfect! ( and just in case it wasn't we had a tent and heater :)


And the food was phenomenal!


I would like to send out a special THANK YOU to Sarah Johnson and her family out at County Line Family Farm for not only making us delicious pizza creations, but also for welcoming us out to the farm for a lovely evening.


We are blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people. 


I know the majority of you guys never met my mom... but I have no doubt that she is smiling down and happy that I get to share my time with the best people around. 


Love you guys!


~ Michelle