The Open is Coming!

For 5 weeks (starting in late Feb) crossfitters around the world take part in the "open"


EVERYbody is invited to sign up.  Workouts will be released on Thursday night and we have until Mon night to complete the wod (with a judge) and submit our score.

This is our season.  This is what some of us train for all year. This is the biggest community event in CrossFit!


You may perform the wod as RX or modified.  We will have designated times, throughout the weekend (Friday class and/or saturday mornings), to perform the wod. 


I think the open is a lot of fun!  I was talked into signing up after my first 4 weeks in cf.  I was very hesitant but I quickly discovered that I made the right decision.  The gym was full and there was definitely a new excitement.  I didnt break any records but I definitely did better than I expected.  I was hooked!


Like I said, the workouts will have standards for RX and modified.  You do not have to RX every wod.  Each week, when the wod is announced, you can decide (with your coaches help) whether you should go RX or tackle the modified version.  Here is a list of some movements that have shown up in open's past





Bar and ring MU

C2B pullups


Box jumps 24/20

Wallballs 20/14

Light/moderate/heavy barbell or dumbell movements




Single unders

Jumping pullups

Box step ups 24/20

Hand release pushups

Wallballs 14/10

Hanging knee raises

"Light" barbell/dumbell movements


All squats must be below parallel


If you can handle these modified movements then you should sign up!!!  Go to


Now that we have discussed the Open let’s talk about the Intramurals.  


We will be picking 4 (non coach) captains.  The captains will select their teams on or about 2/15/18.  Each team will come up with a sweet team name.


Captains and teammates will be encouraged to make this as fun as possible!


  Each week of the open we will announce new criteria to determine that week's winning team.


In the end we will add up the scores to determine the overall team champ!


We want everyone involved so dont be shy!

Remember....if you are not having fun and challenging yourself you are doomed to fail at this lifelong fitness journey.

Please click on the link below and sign up so we have an accurate list of every participant.