Have You Evolved Yet?

Have YOU EVOLVED yet!?


Have you had a chance to check out our ‘evergreen’ boot camp program at 330 yet?

If not...you should!

This program has its own unique programming- separate from our CrossFit programming and Evolution Boot Camp programming. It’s an on-going program (no ‘beginning’ and/or ‘end’) so athletes can ‘jump in’ at any time without difficulty.

It is designed to be an efficient,  stand-alone, 2x/week, no-barbell fitness program for those with limited time availability. Classes are held Tuesday & Thursday from 7:55-8:40pm. Don’t let the lack of barbell and shortened class time fool you though…

Evolved programming is NO JOKE. It’s an efficiently run class: complete with strength & metcon components…and sometimes ‘extra credit’ too.

INTENSITY is the word.

Christine Hysell began Evolved several months ago after graduating Evolution Boot Camp, has now moved on CrossFit, but still frequents the Evolved class. Here’s what she has to say about the class:

“It’s not easier, it teaches you moves, exercises, and weight training, that you may not have ever done. It gives you endurance so you are able to move on to CrossFit. I would’ve never moved on to CrossFit had it not been for Evolved. It’s a good first step towards moving up to CrossFit, especially if you are an older adult who has never really exercised before. My suggestion is always start with Evolution Boot Camp or Evolved until you’re comfortable to amp up your workouts for CrossFit.”

Liz Reinhart (who runs half-marathons for fun) began her journey with Evolved and has now moved on to CrossFit as well. In fact, she has said that she has a difficult time deciding which class to attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays because she enjoys both CrossFit and Evolved so very much. Here’s what she had to say about the subject:

“I think the biggest difference is the people in the classes. People might see the ones that do CrossFit and think it must be hard because they are all so fit and die after some of those workouts, lol.  But I think people who feel like they aren’t on that level would be very surprised what their bodies can do if they gave CrossFit classes a shot. They definitely breed a bit more competition in that class. But my Evolved ladies (and gents) are so fun and relaxed (and so freaking strong) so it doesn’t really feel like a hard workout when we’re laughing the whole time. That’s just the difference I’ve noticed (beside lack of barbell obviously).  They both have good things to offer which makes it hard to choose which class to go to on Tuesday and Thursdays.”

Liz has even been know to WOD at 6:45, then stay for Evolved at 7:55 because of the amazing peeps she sees roll in for class… #truth

Not convinced?

Need a little taste of the programming?

How about a look back at the week of September 18...

Tuesday’s metcon:

3 Rounds of:

A) 1:00 ME Burpees (100% effort)

rest 1:00

B) 80% of Burpees from A (in 1:00)

rest 1:00


Then Thursday’s:

For Time:

800m Run

8 Rope Climbs

800m Run

...not ‘yo mama’s Boot Camp Programming. #amiright

I think that’s why it’s my (and I’d be willing to bet that Megan would agree) favorite class to coach. It’s always something different. It’s a unique group of men and women who are always up for the challenge of trying something new. They are eager to learn new skills, there is little downtime, and it’s ALWAYS fun.

Soooooo...I encourage you! Don’t wait until:

“I couldn’t get out of work in time for 6:45, so I guessssss I’ll try Evolved...ho, hum.”

...do it intentionally. Try it because it’s different. Try it because you’ll meet, mingle & sweat with peeps that you haven’t met before.

I promise you won’t be disappointed and EVERYONE will be so glad to see you there!

Come tonight to celebrate Traci’s birthday in your best 80’s garb…


We’ll have a great workout…

With an amazing playlist…

Surrounded by the most incredible humans…

In the BEST damn box in NE Ohio!

See you tonight @ 7:55pm!


Ok, ok…

Need another reason to be there?

Check out the WOD!

...then imagine doing it to Madonna & Culture Club! #spicy


Tuesday, October 23: Evolved


3x10 Overhead Tricep Extensions

3x10 Sumo KB Deadlift High Pulls


50 WB 20/14

30 Pull ups

10 Turkish Get ups 50/30 (total alternating)

30 Pull ups

50 WB 20/14