Did you know that traveling and working out don't have to be exclusive? We do such a good job of hitting the gym throughout the week, then we travel and seem to set that aside.  I'm no different. 

Whether for work or pleasure, when I travel, it is significantly harder for me to get to the gym. Sometimes it's the schedule and sometimes it's mental. A couple weeks ago, Coach Lisa talked about the importance of rest days which I completely agree with and can use travel for one or two of those.   

With that being said, sometimes my goals require me to maintain a workout routine, or my rest time doesn’t align with my travel time, but man oh man hotel gyms are not all created equal! There's usually some treadmills and ellipticals, some yoga mats, maybe a couple dumbbells. If you're lucky, there might be a barbell with some small plates.

I know you have goals too, but sometimes we don't always know what to do or how to put a workout together. Here are a couple of ideas for you: 

First, visit a local box. This is your best bet if you're able and time allows.  Great way to see the local area, meet some new people and start a new collection of tshirts while still getting a great workout! 

Second, let's assume worst case scenario and you have no equipment whatsoever. 

1. Make sure to pack those running shoes. If nothing else, you can get a good jog in for some cardio. 

2. Body weight only workouts.  AMRAPs and Rounds For Time are great to incorporate.  Here's a couple options, including two of which Coach Lisa mentioned for her hotel workouts while she was on vacation: 

10 minute AMRAP (This one can even be done in your hotel room with no gym!)

20 hand release push ups

20 squats

20 v-ups



Sit ups

3. Some dumbbell workout options

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes

7 Romanian deadlifts

7 Hang power cleans

7 Push press 

5 Rounds for Time

14 Alternating dumbbell snatches

10 No push up burpees

14 Thrusters

10 Mountain climbers 

4. Be creative!! Make up your own combos.  Tuck a jump rope into your suitcase and add dubs into a workout.  Find your favorite movements and put them together.  Do a chipper down from 50 reps to 10 reps.  Do some outside: beach runs, sand bear crawls, all of which adds an additional challenge to the workout. 

The important piece is to use the equipment available safely and have fun with it!  Traveling doesn't have to be full of food and no gym activity!  Do what you can to keep pushing forward on your goals.

Happy and safe travels! 

~ Megan

PS… Rumor has it we find out where the 2019 CF330 Retreat is TOMORROW!!