Max Out Week Thoughts

Hey Tribe!

If you have not been to class yet today I am excited to tell you that this week is max out week. We haven’t had one of these in awhile, so I wanted to give you all a few things to think about as you go about your week.

There are a couple days this week that there is no metcon or regular WOD programmed. Before you decide to skip that day because you don’t think only lifting is a good enough workout, consider why we would devote an entire hour of time to 3 lifts (spoiler alert).

You should properly warm-up before you start working towards a max for each lift. Your coach will still do a general warm-up like normal when starting class, but you should also prepare to lift heavy. If the lift you are going for is a max 1 rep bench, for example, I would not start by doing just singles when warming up. You should always start with just an empty bar to get your central nervous system warmed up and firing the appropriate signals to the muscles you are recruiting to perform the lift. Start with lots of reps with the empty bar. From there, add a little weight and keep warming up with several reps. Eventually work your way up to a weight where you’re doing 5 reps, then 3 reps, and finally end at a point where you are moving up in weight with single reps only.

Going for true max out lifts is very demanding on your central nervous system. We have some mobility/skill sessions programmed this week during our “strength” portion of class. I would advise truly using these to your advantage. If you are feeling beat up, spend your time stretching your problem areas, rowing, biking, or moving to work built-up lactic acid out of your muscles. If you want to spend time on skills/accessory work, this is a great time to do the extra credit programmed for the day. Surprise! Extra credit will be making its comeback this week. Extra credit will come in all shapes and sizes, including gymnastics, barbell, accessory work, movements we do not see programmed often in class, movements to prepare us for the Open, etc.

If you just competed in our Super Total this past weekend, this week is not for you. We just watched you all crush your lifts and old PR’s last Saturday, now it’s time for you all to let your bodies recover. Whether you feel it right now or not, your central nervous system is most likely pretty toast at this point. Please do not go into this week hoping to outperform your amazing lifts that you just maxed out. Use this week to recover and go light.

My final word of advice for the week is HAVE FUN! I can’t wait to watch the massive gainz and effort that I know will be put into this week. You all pour your hearts into trying to be the very best you can be, which is one of the many reasons I am honored to be a coach at 330. The one thing I want you to keep in mind though is this: in the grand scheme of life this is not the end all be all. You may not PR every single lift this week. You may not even PR one lift, and that is okay! There are so many reasons why a PR may not be in the cards for you, so much so that it’s worth an entire separate blog post. What I will say is fuel your body properly before you head to the gym (protein & carbs, low fat), get as much sleep as possible, and fuel your bodies properly AFTER you workout as well.

Have a great week!