Swing Your Partner Round and Round.. It's About to go Down!

There are a lot of people out there who love partner workouts and I am one of those people.

I mean, what’s not to like?

You get to split the reps and the share the pain and suffering with someone else.

You get to work together as a team and have fun doing it. 

I look forward to partner workouts and always have fun doing them.

However, there are some people out there who do not like partner workouts and never show up on partner day.

I understand why.

You feel like you are not as in shape as most of the other people and think that you’ll either embarrass yourself, let your partner down, make your partner mad or all three. 

Maybe you came in once for a partner workout and your partner did get mad and kind of yelled at you.

Maybe your partner was just a jerk and made you feel inferior.

I’m sure something like that has happened to some of you and that scarred you for life.

Or maybe you have never done a partner workout, but are scared that something like that might happen and won’t even come in a try it out. 

If you came in and had a bad partner, then please believe me that that person is part of a small minority at our gym and that most people are not going to get mad, frustrated or make you feel like a piece of shit and you need to come in and try it again.

If you never have done a partner workout, then you need to come in and try it. 

I am saying all of this because partner workouts are one of the best ways to get better.

It’s a great way to push yourself and help take your fitness to the next level.

I understand the fears that some of you have, a big one is not wanted to let your partner down.

But, that very reason is why I love partner workouts so much.

I push myself a lot harder during partner workouts because I don’t want to let my partner down.

I have done things that I thought I couldn’t do during partner workouts because of the adrenaline and motivation that I get from my partner.

When I was on the track team at the University of Akron I had a teammate who was one year older than me.

We competed and pushed each other on a daily basis. If I did a set of back squats at 300 pounds, he would do 305. So then I would do 310 and that’s how everything went.

I wouldn’t of been nearly as strong or as good as a thrower as I was if it wasn’t for him.

 I know you will hear a lot of us say that you shouldn’t compete with other people and that you should only compete with yourself.

This is true for the most part, especially with newer people.

However, once you have some experience and fitness under your belt then competing with someone on your level will help you make your gains.

The key words there are “on your level.”

My teammate and I were very similar in our athletic abilities, this is why we were able to push each other so well.

You have to find someone who has a similar skill level and athletic background as you. A 45-year old mother of two should not be comparing herself to a 25-year old fire breather who only has to worry about work and the gym and who is training to do competitions. It’s not a realistic comparison. 

This is what is going on a lot in our gym.

People get upset because they are not as good as someone who is not on their level.

Not everyone is on the same level, nor do they have the same goals.

If your goal is just to get in shape and lose some weight, then stop comparing yourself to the people who are training because they want to do competitions. 

For most of us, all we want/need is to come into the gym and get a good workout in.

That’s what it’s all about, myself included.

With my knee the way it is I’m pretty much done with competitions and all I want is to get a good workout in and stay fit and healthy.

However, partner workouts are still a good way for me to push a little harder that I usually do if I was working out by myself.

So please, if you are nervous about coming in a doing a partner workout don’t be.

Just come in and do it.

If you want, come in to a 3:15 class on a Wednesday and be my partner. Just message me the day/night before and ask if I’ll be your partner, I will happily workout with any of you.

You’ll have fun, I promise.

~ Dustin