Box Rules Yo!

Everywhere you go there are rules, both written and unwritten and your local CrossFit boy is no different.

Some are FUN rules and some are NOT so fun, but they all serve their purpose.

Most of the time those purposes run along keeping members safe, keeping the gym clean, helping to manage time, and giving everyone involved the best possible experience every time they are in the gym.

So what are the rules we try and live by at CF330?!


Let's check em out!

1.    Check your ego at the door-CrossFit is about Community! We are all equal just like our goals are! It’s totally awesome you can deadlift 3 times your bodyweight or do butterfly pull-ups, and we all recognize it and want to cheer you on, just like we want to cheer on the people who hit their goal of coming in 3 times this week or losing 2 pant sizes. 

2.    Make every REP count- Count every REP and don’t be scared to NO REP yourself.. What’s the worst that will happen if you NO REP yourself?? You’ll do a couple of extra reps…Maybe you’ll get better… and remember REP SHAVERS NEVER WIN. 

3. If someone vomits or passes out- They are considered resting, but make sure you tell a coach and note their time. :D

4. Scaling is smart- Keep this in mind when you are questioning whether to RX or not... Scaling allows for you to learn proper form and technique, build strength and muscle memory. Also, scaling will help you get the WOD done in the right time frame, It avoids injury, overuse, and the development of bad habits because the weight or range of motion is too much.. DON’T FORGET ABOUT RULE #1

5. Checking in- Make sure you're checking-in to class time so we know what classes are well attended, what classes need more coaches on the floor, or what classes we need to try and build up.  We also would love for you to check in on social media….I mean who wouldn’t want to brag about our amazing community?!

6. Chalk your hands- When using a barbell chalk up, when climbing the rope chalk up, when you’re on the rig chalk up, when you’re on the rings chalk up (we get it, you like chalk lol).. But remember let’s not throw the chalk around, please keep it in the bucket… it sucks to clean it up!

7. CrossFit will find your weaknesses- Yes, we all have them even Seth... it’s your job is to work on them and make them your strengths. Don't shy away from them or they will always be weaknesses.

8. The WOD is always more FUN than it looks- If you know someone that is having a hard time coming to the gym remind them about rule #4.

9. Pre-WOD “butterflies”? - Yes we all get them, we are all human…I say nerves are good and make us mentally stronger.

10. You’re a CrossFitter, own it!-  I say, if you do CrossFit and you love it, go ahead and tell people about it! I’m not saying brag about your 300lb back squat and try to one up your friend, but let them celebrate in your wins and congratulate you on them. You can also help other people to realize CrossFit is for EVERYBODY!!! 

11. Drama- No one likes the drama in the gym. Period. We all come to the gym to work on reaching our goals, not gossiping so let’s keep it positive and build people up as often as we can. Leave the Mean Girl-ing to Regina George.

12. Clean up your equipment- whether you got it out or just used it, help us keep our equipment and the gym as clean and organized as possible. Take 5 minutes to wipe down any equipment you used, or even that a friend did, and get it put back in it’s proper place. Not all gyms are lucky enough to have the amount of equipment or the quality equipment that we do. Let’s take care of what we have so we can continue to use it without it breaking down! 

13. Always Remember- The goal is to get fit, make this the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So,  remember that.

Relax. Have fun. Workout.

~ Carmen