Simply The Best...

Our CrossFit 330 community continues to amaze welcoming, so sincere and so very generous...just astounding...

What other gym community could have raised nearly $8,000 in just a week for charities near and dear to the hearts of its staff and members!?


Our CrossFit 330 community is simply the best...

Second to none.

As a follow-up to this incredible week, I thought that I’d share my Katie’s story...aka the origin of Team Moonwalkers and the WHY behind the upcoming 3rd Annual KATIE WOD.


This bio took me forever to write and was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…

Here goes...

“In early 2011, Katie suffered wrist pain after attempting a cartwheel with some friends. We took her to the doctor, had x-rays done, but no break was found. When her pain didn’t subside and she began losing sleep at night, we returned to the doctor. More x-rays were done, but still no break or bone abnormality was found.

At that point, the doctor decided to cast her left wrist. It was her 5th birthday, May 19, 2011 when she got her purple cast. She wore the cast for 4 weeks. During that time, she continued to complain of pain, her sleep was interrupted and her appetite would come and go.

The cast was removed...but the pain remained. It wasn’t only her left side that she complain of, both hands/wrists bothered her.

She wasn’t sleeping well at night and was losing weight because she just didn’t feel like eating. We thought that perhaps the excitement of starting kindergarten in the fall was causing added stress to her body and perhaps things would level-out once school started.

Instead, we watched our 5-year-old child continue to suffer...pain...weight loss...fatigue… We had several visits to the doctor, blood work was inconclusive….we had no answers.

After months of suffering and lots of missed work/school, an MRI was ordered. We were scheduled to meet with Akron Children’s Rheumatology to discuss the results of the MRI…

On January 25, 2012 (Katie’s big sister, Madison’s 7th birthday) Katie was diagnosed J.I.A.

We had no idea what this disease was, how it would be treated and what it meant for Katie’s future.

Our rheumatologist was incredible.

She explained in careful detail what was happening in Katie’s tiny, little 30 pound 5-year-old body.

She described a treatment plan that would include daily anti-inflammatory medication, a weekly immune-suppressive injection and occupational therapy. It was all very overwhelming at first, but we were thankful to finally have a face for this ugly disease that had been destroying our child.

Her incredibly limited range of motion is what shocked us the most...her wrists especially. Our rheumatologist and therapist assured us that with a focused treatment plan in place, she would improve.

We trusted the professionals...we had no other choice. We desperately wanted our Katie to feel better and return to the spunky, fun, Michael Jackson loving child that she had always been.

Soon after our diagnosis, we decided that we needed a find an organization to support and balance the terrible feeling of helplessness that consumed our family.

Enter: The Arthritis Foundation and the Walk to Cure Arthritis. We decided to start a team, aptly named “Moonwalkers for Katie” that first year.

We immersed ourselves in her treatment, sharing our story and supporting the foundation’s mission of bringing pain-free days to all who suffer arthritis pain.

The support and love from our friends and family was incredible. We were encouraged with Katie’s progress, and more determined than ever to beat arthritis.



Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 4.39.43 PM.png

Fall 2010(preschool)~                     Fall 2011(kindergarten)~                Fall 2012(1st grade)


You can see in the 3 photos above the difference a year can make. She was a perfectly happy and healthy 4-yr old, then became very ill in kindergarten at age 5, and after proper diagnosis and a solid treatment plan...returned to a healthy-looking 6-yr old 1st grader.

We continued for years with daily anti-inflammatory meds, weekly injections, check-ups every 3 months with Akron Children’s Rheumatology, and blood work to ensure no deficiencies were present (we often struggled with Vitamin D).

We kept Katie active with dance classes and swimming lessons. She loved gym class in school...never complained of pain and/or fatigue and even began to participate in kids CrossFit classes at CrossFit 330 in Wadsworth.

Every spring we created a team to support the Arthritis Foundation in the Walk to Cure Arthritis. We eventually changed the name of our team to just ‘Moonwalkers’ as several members of our support system also suffered with various forms of arthritis and we wanted to represent and fight for everyone.

Our friends and family looked forward to the ‘Moonwalker’ events every year...we grew stronger and stronger...something that we pray will never stop!

We are proud to support the Arthritis Foundation and even now as we enter year 2 of remission, we remain strong in our quest to help bring pain-free days to all who suffer arthritis pain.

No child should have to suffer as our Katie parent should feel that sense of helplessness when unable to comfort a child in pain.

We hope that Team Moonwalkers’ partnership with the Arthritis Foundation will continue to bring awareness that kids get arthritis too and that Katie’s story will inspire other families to never give up hope and continue to fight for a better, pain-free future.”

Thank you for your continued love and support 330...hope to see you ALL April 20th at the 3rd Annual Katie WOD.

Wishing love, health and happiness to you all,


(Mama Moonwalker)



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