So Now What??

Another Open Season has come and gone for the CrossFit community and your 330 family.


If you came into the gym on Friday for the last 5 weeks you got to experience the workouts and atmosphere that abounds during The Open.


Hopefully you had a good time, hit some PRs, and overall enjoyed yourself with the intramurals and Open.


The Open is a great tool for exposing weakness and helping us to set goals for the next year. And when I say us I don’t just mean the coaches in knowing what to focus on helping our CF330 family to improve on.


I mean us as in the collective group who did the WODS!


WE now have been put to our limits with the WODs and possibly been (da-da-duhhhhhh) judged on our movement standards for the first time in our CrossFit Life.


The question that remains is now that you have the data to know a little bit more about how you move and the standards of the movements what is next for you?


Will you continue to focus on hitting the full range of motion on a movement?


Will you no rep yourself when the ball doesn’t quite hit the line on a wall ball?


Will you do extra reps when you lose count to make sure that you are getting all the reps of the workout in?


Only you can answer those questions.


I can think of one particular Open WOD that threw a lot of athletes, both RX and Scaled for a loop.


Any guesses on which one I am referring to???


Say it with me now…. 18.4!


Yup, 18.4 and those damned push-ups.


Whether you were doing handstand push-ups or push-ups on the floor those push ups gave people a run for their money.


The killing of the worm left an abundance of no reps scattered throughout the entire 330 facility…..


And while the push-ups were hard for pretty much all of us, everyone that I saw who did the WOD got some great reps in!


So let’s get back to the question I posed earlier shall we…


What now?


You know the standard for push-ups, you’ve practiced it…. You’ve struggled with it and found some success…


Again…. what will you do with the information you have now?


Will you go back to push-ups on your knees?


Will you go back to hugely arched handstand push-ups?


Will you start worming again?


Or will you hold yourself to the standard you have now learned and keep making progress and getting better at it for next year?


Maybe you can’t do push-ups to the standard yet but you still want to improve.


That’s awesome! I applaud you for wanting to get better at them and get to strict push-ups in the future. Now let’s make a plan to get you there!


Extra credit…Scaling options…Personal Training Sessions…Progressions….


These are all great tools to help you improve your movements.


Are you taking advantage of them?


All of the coaches have a variety of tools that you can utilize to help increase your gains.


Instead of sticking to the same old same old let’s start mixing it up a bit.


A few weeks ago, Kelcie talked about scaling options and doing a few of the movement standard and then scaling if needed.


That’s a great way to keep working on hitting the standards.


Another is to start using a more challenging scale option that is more in line with the standard of movement you are looking to reach.


For example…Instead of working a push-up on your knees try substituting a strict incline push-up and decreasing the angle as you get stronger with the movement.


Not sure what scaling option to try today?


Ask your coach!


It’s what we are here for!


And if we give you the same option you normally use…tell us that!


We can give you a different option or possible a way to make that harder or some other variable.


When you started CrossFit you wanted to get out of your comfort zone…I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone again by working to improve the movements you are weakest in.


You will be shocked at the gains you will see once you start focusing on the things you don’t like and maybe aren’t the greatest at.


Now only will you see physical gains…but likely mental ones!