Fitness for EveryBODY...

It was a Thursday night, the 2nd PT of the 5th week of Troop 007 (the first Boot Camp at 330)....November 2014. I hopped in the car with my sister-in-law, a 007 bootcamper to finally check-out my cousin, Michelle’s new gym. (She had been after me for MONTHS to come in...but, I was busy with my work, my family and my yoga practice...didn’t have room for ‘anything else’)


It took foreeeeeeeever to get there.


For. Eh. Ver.


I kept thinking ‘Why in the hell would she sign-up to drive this far twice a week for an entire 6 weeks!?‘

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(giggle, giggle)

3 and ½ years later…

Here I am reflecting, via ‘staff-authored blog’....wait, what?


That November evening I fell in love with 330...and I think I’ve finally figured out why I fell so hard, so fast.


The banner claims ‘Fitness for EveryBODY’....and I’m here to tell you that throughout my years and various roles at 330, I’ve seen first-hand the profound TRUTH of this slogan.

Fitness For EveryBODY

330 truly has something for EVERYONE.

Though it’s absolutely impossible to decide exactly which one thing I Iove the most, this may be it….

There is something for everyone.


How about:

*Never worked-out a day in your life?

*Don’t see yourself as an ‘athlete’...but would like to?

-Ok...we have our 6-week Evolution Boot Camp for you.

-A boot camp which has transformed hundreds of lives in NEO for more than 3 years.

-A boot camp with certified trainers who care about the WHOLE of EACH and EVERY single ‘trooper’ who has the courage to walk through our doors. (Excellence in Leadership and Coaching.)

-A boot camp centered around the idea of STRONGER TOGETHER and the POWER of group accountability.

-A boot camp where safe and efficient movement is the RULE, not the exception.

-A boot camp that views ALL GOALS as EQUAL.

-A boot camp where NO ONE finishes alone.

-A boot camp whose STRENGTH and SUCCESS are built on a foundation of alumni, volunteers and the best damn community in Wadsworth. We are NOTHING without YOU all.

Boot Camp

Then there’s:

*Did the boot camp thing, liked it, but too busy to commit to a ton of time at the gym?

*Not a fan of barbell work, just want a great workout without?

-Ok...we have Evolved boot camp classes for you.

-Classes are later in the evening, offered twice per week and super-efficient with time.

-You’re in, you get an amazing workout with a certified coach, you’re headed home.

-Former ‘bootcampers’ feel ‘at home’ again seeing old & new friends on a regular basis.

-...The playlist is pretty amazeballs.


*What about my kids? I can’t workout and just leave them at home…

-Whether it’s hanging out in the infamous ‘kiddo lounge’ to “Netflix & (appropriately) chill”, play pinball, have a snack, play house , finish homework or participating in one of Coach Lisa’s KidFit or Boom classes…

-I can assure you they won’t want to leave when it’s time to go…


Family Fitness


*Figuring out this thing called CrossFit?

*Don’t mind a little barbell, but let’s not get crazy now…?

*Need an early-evening time slot?

-See you at 330Fit.

-An earlier time slot.

-Great CrossFit workouts minus the barbell olympic lifting movements (clean, snatch & jerk).

Let’s not forget:

*Aspiring competitive athlete?

*Working to feel comfortable calling yourself an athlete?

*Inspired by interacting with athletes of all experience levels?

    -ANY of the above-mentioned programs will work for you!

    -Let’s also throw in our ‘regular’ & ‘beginner’ CrossFit classes.

-THEN...once you’re a bit more comfortable with the barbell movements, in love with strength training, and have developed a strong ‘mental toughness’ for your workouts...DIESELSTRONG is offered a couple days a week for you.

One more thing:

*Have very SPECIFIC goals?

*Need more individualized instruction?

*Nutrition needs work?

*Rehabbing from an injury?

-We’ve got your covered with Nutrition & Supplement Coaching

-Gymnastics Club…’nuf said. (Just ask anyone who’s tried it out…!) #kelcieROCKS

-Personal Training, ALL about you….

-Annnnnd, did someone say RESTORE…!? YES!! ...returning MAY 30 with a NEW night & time...Wednesdays 8:05pm-8:45pm...after your WOD & without the ‘clash & bang’ of classes happening at the same time :)

Like I said...EveryBODY.

And if we’ve missed you somehow and you need something we don’t offer...hit us up.

We’re happy to hear your suggestions and ideas. (We ARE results and COMMUNITY driven.)

Soooo, to answer my own question from my first trip to 330...

….‘Why in the hell would she sign-up to drive this far twice a week for an entire 6 weeks!?’

Well, this woman didn’t. Six-weeks wasn’t enough...

She’s signed-on for LIFETIME & as many days/week as are needed to best SERVE our community.

(...somehow that drive seems much shorter these days…)

….here’s to MANY happy & prosperous years ahead at CrossFit 330!

So much love to you all,


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