Weekend Reflections

This weekend we hosted our annual 330 Throwdown. 


It was awesome!


Our volunteers and staff members were amazing as always…without them we would not be able to pull off the fabulous events that we have here at 330!


And our competitors were phenomenal to watch!


We had 50 athletes in the gym working hard to get the WODs done to the best of their ability. 


And let me tell you, those events were no joke.


As I watched people struggling to get through their calories on the bike, or add an extra 5, 10 or even 15 pounds to their lifting PRs I was struck by how everyone reacted in the face of adversity.


CrossFit is hard pretty much every time you walk into the gym.


Tackling 3 WODs, in a setting where you want to be The Best for your team and yourself makes it even harder.


Throw the facts that you are being judged and possibly are in a different setting than you are used to and you find yourself having to rise up to the occasion.


Which everyone did!


I loved seeing everyone push themselves to the limit, and maybe even a little beyond. 


It was a blast watching and getting to celebrate with you!


I would also like to point out (again) that we had an amazing group of sponsors for this year’s event!


They helped us to create awesome prize packs for all our winners as well as athlete bags for every person who competed.


I highly recommend reaching out to them and learning more about them.


They are ALL The Best at what they do!


Our next competition will be the DieselStrong Super Total and will be held in November. Can’t wait to see you there!


~ Michelle