This is Your Brain...On Exercise

Do you know EDSO? 


Maybe you've heard of it before. I'm going to get nerdy with you for a minute, so bear with me! 


E - Endorphines - Produced during times like exercise or laughter and help the "pain" go away. Endorphines help you keep going! 


D - Dopamine - This is what gives you the amazing feeling when you reach a goal.  You set a plan for your workout and crush it!  Achievement, success, hitting the mark! 


S - Seratonin - A seratonin spike happens with some recognition. Being called out for a job well done makes us all feel good. 


O - Oxytocin - This is a feeling of love. Surrounding yourself with people you like and care about and that care for you as well.


Ok, so nerd moment over.  Why do we care about these particular hormones and how they work? 


We use these in some way everyday.  We easily get the endorphines going in our workouts.  And, dopamine can be recognized once that workout is completed and you felt strong during it and successful at the end. 


The two I wanted to point out are the seratonin and oxytocin.  These are what can be impacted by ONE another.  We are COMMUNITY!  We BUILD each other up! 


I love when I hear all of us cheering on each other in a workout, when I see high fives and good jobs given out post work out, when someone wants to do a cool down walk or stretch out and chat.  These are the things that build our COMMUNITY and keep us tight knit.


We get out of the box, and the people there, what we put in.  Put it all out there and your ENERGY, your WORKOUTS, your EXCITEMENT will SOAR! 


~ Megan