We are DieselStrong

If you have been around CF330 for any length of time you have probably heard or seen the term DieselStrong.

Which means you might also be questions what the he** does that mean?

Now, you may think “oh, that’s a class.” You would be correct we do have a class titled DIESELSTRONG.

But, when we talk about DieselStrong and wear gear that says it that’s not what we are talking about.

What we are talking about is a mentality we have here at 330.

You find it evolves as you gain confidence and strength. All of the sudden you realize all the things you CAN do!

That my friends is the DieselStrong mentality.

A huge part of what we do at CF330 is Empower our members to surpass expectations.

That’s DieselStrong!

Focusing on the positive of any situation....

That’s DieselStrong!

Choosing to learn from a situation rather than get frustrated and mad....

That’s DieselStrong!

Having a blast while you work out..

That’s DieselStrong!

Sticking to your meal plan when you want a sweet treat...

That’s DieselStrong!

We ARE all Diesel Strong.

It’s a badge of honor, wear it proudly my friends.