Accessories... They are even for Your Workout.

It has been so AMAZING to see all the progress that has been made in the gym recently.  I've seen PR's reached, new skills developed, old skills honed more and of course our normal support of each other continue to grow.

So I think about what is causing all these developments and how to capture that and bottle it up.  Of course, we have FANTASTIC programming from Dustin.  I can't say it enough....everyone needs to trust the programming. I see for me personally how it works to just go with the flow and follow the coach's instructions on recommended weights and how to scale as needed.  If we do as we're told, gainzzz will come!

The other component I've observed is all of the "accessory" work (aka extra credit).  This one is funny to me as we haven't been specifically assigning extra credit. So where is that urge to stick around and work on skills coming from?

It's YOU...all of YOU!  YOU are motivating each other to be better, to achieve goals, and to get stronger both physically and mentally.!

Following the programming and doing the workouts is vital to our success.  Anything extra we can add on a regular basis will do nothing but help.

Next time you're in, catch your breath after the work out, clean up your stuff, grab a friend and get to work on those skills for another 10-15 minutes. You'll continue to see progress by working on these items.

Not sure what to work on? Here's just a few ideas, but ask a coach anytime:

  • Dubs
  • Pull up progressions (band, bar, strict, kipping)
  • Handstand push up progressions (Pike push ups, box push ups, wall walks, handstand holds, mats, etc)
  • Strength (DB strict press, oly lift technique drills)
  • GHD work
  • Running

Have a STRONG week!

~ Megan