FUEL-> It's What's For Dinner!

You’ve seen the evidence all around the gym…

People eating prepped meals from containers…

People hitting multiple PRs a month, or even week..

People posting pictures celebrating their results, losing inches…pounds… gaining confidence.

All that evidence points to one thing… NUTRITION, namely our FUEL program.


If you missed it (read you emails and watch our videos cough, cough) we launched FUEL back in January and people have been killing!

FUEL is a nutrition program that is focused on fueling your body to perform well in the gym, recover better, and reshape your body.


The program is tailored to specifically to YOU and Your GOALS. We teach you what nutrients to eat when to help your body perform at the optimal level.

This program is a 12-week commitment that YOU take control over. You select the amount of coaching, support and accountability YOU need from 3 different levels. 

Want recipes? We have that!

Need weekly check ins? We have that!

Have questions you need answered before you meal prep this week? We can help!

From digital coaching to FB Live calls, to menu planning and more FUEL offers it all.


Along with your nutrition, we are going to teach you what supplements you need to see the best results both in and out of the gym.

Before you roll your eyes at the idea of using supplements let me explain.

Supplements are a necessary part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Not because they are a magic pill to help you lose weight! Trust me they aren’t.

And def not because we want you to replace your food with them. That's not a thing, we want you eating REAL FOOD!

There are a ton of reasons we need supplements but let me give you the short and sweet of it.

Decades ago the FDA decided to start fortifying food to combat deficiencies Americans were seeing from diet alone. 

This increased iron, calcium, vitamin, salt and mineral intake…Fast forward to today.

Most of us do not regularly eat those fortified foods anymore…Thus we aren’t getting that supplementation. 

Supplements are how we now ensure we are getting all the things our body needs to perform optimally so we are going to teach you the best things for YOU to use that are the highest quality and you will see the best results with.


You have heard Kelcie and Dustin both say it. Nutrition is key! 

You can work out 5x a week, but if you are putting crap into your body you are not going to out train that bad diet.

Our FUEL program is a comprehensive, coached nutrition plan tailored to your specific body and needs that you will see results with.

~ Michelle

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