Make Your Bed Everyday

Humans are creatures of habit. So are animals, but you’re probably not super interested to hear about their habits in this particular blog post :)

I often hear people talk about something they want to change or implement in their lives that they just haven’t been able to do yet for one reason or another.

We create so many habits in our lives- some good, some not so good. The key is to recognize the habits that fall into the ‘not so good’ category and find a way to restructure it into something that is beneficial for you.

There are two habits that I am a big proponent of:

  1. Make your bed every morning

  2. Never hit snooze

Making your bed every morning sets your day up for success from the very beginning. You’ve checked the first task off your list for the day and are ready to tackle the next 10. While Jess did not initially understand this habit of mine when she first met me, she has now been converted into a bed making machine (or has succumbed to ‘happy wife happy life’ on this one). This clip from a Navy Seal Admiral says it all:

I used to be the person who set my alarm 8 minutes before I actually wanted to wake up so that I could hit the snooze. I will tell you that I never got 8 more minutes of meaningful sleep, and I often was irritated when my alarm went off again. I also ended up not getting up on time sometimes because I would forget I had already hit the snooze once and in my back-to-sleep-stupor would snooze again accidentally. I changed that habit into one where I set my alarm for the actual time I want to get up in the morning, never hitting the snooze. This was such a great change for me. This allowed me to get an extra 56 minutes of extra sleep a week- 56!! I also stopped the accidental snooze problem. Now my mind knows that once I hit that alarm my feet are on the ground, ready to get the day going.

What habits do you need to change in your life?

When you hit that 2pm tired slump at work, are you the person that reaches for the candy bar pick-me-up or extra cup of coffee? How about you instead go for a walk around your office or grab a big glass of water or Spark?

Are you making it in to the gym ‘x’ amount of days each week? If your goal is 3 times a week, are you at always hitting that goal? Incorporate your gym time into your family’s schedule. If you have a calendar to keep track of all the kid’s activities, add your gym time to it and stick to it!

How do you eat during your weekend? Weekends are tough- trust me,I feel your pain on this one too. Do you stick to your game plan by making choices that don’t leave you feeling bad about yourself? Be prepared for your weekends just as much as you are for your Monday-Friday. If you have to take your own food to a party or event then so be it!

Habits are inevitable. Start by making your bed everyday and let that accomplishment move your through your day!