Support...Friendships... Tribe!


I have the HONOR of kicking off our 330 blog for 2019! 

The new year is often a time for reflection and thinking about what went well or what didn't in the previous year.  It's also a time for us to think ahead on our goals and everything we want to accomplish in the upcoming months.  Kelcie and Michelle have both shared thoughts on goal setting. Pammy helped us with Passion Planning.  All of these have had great tips, tools and nuggets of wisdom to consider when applying to yourself.

In addition to personal goals, I have also put some thought into what I can do this year for others.  With that said, I always go back to the words "tribe" and "community."  We have an AMAZING tribe and community and I know we always say it, but I have seen it demonstrated in so many ways recently by all of our members.  Just a couple ways were....

  • Helping out friends in need who were hospitalized
  • Raising money and donating to the Shop with a Cop program
  • Reaching out to tribe members we haven't seen in a while
  • Sending cards/letters to friends in need of some encouragement
  • Getting gift cards and sharing with the Salvation Army to help provide a fun holiday for local kids and families
  • Checking in with others that seem down or struggling
  • The turnout for Hero WOD Chad, which was amazing to see all come to honor a fallen hero by sacrificing time as well as mental and physical exhaustion
  • Welcoming our new members like they've always been there

These are just a few ways that I have seen our Tribe come together in the last month or so. Some would say this is easy to do around the holidays.  I would say it's more "top of mind" around the holidays but not necessarily easier as we're all bogged down with our own holiday craziness.

So with the new year in full effect now, I challenge you to add Community to your list of goals. What I mean by this is being intentional about learning about other people's goals (not just our wonderful Tribe, but all around you) and seeing what you can do help someone else achieve a goal.

What might that be?

-- Some has a fitness goal: Stay to do some extra credit with them. Invite someone new to a Guest Day. Encourage them during a WOD. Meet up for a walk or run.

-- Nutrition goal: Suggest some healthy recipes. Meal plan/prep together. Check in to see what the week's meals are going to be

-- Work goal: Find out some specifics and share a relevant article with them. Suggest a good personal development book or podcast.

At the end of the day, a Community goal is about coming together with someone or some people and being there.  It's holding each other accountable and trusting the other has your best interest at heart.

Be present.

Be action-oriented.

Be intentional.

Be authentic.

All together 2019 is BOUND to be EXTRAORDINARY!

~ Megan