Why Starting With A 6 Week Program Isn't A Bad Thing

I mean I’m a little unsure, but don’t you want to sign me up for a year right away????


Isn’t that the best business move for you??


The thing is it’s not about us…


Let me tell you a story…


In 2011-2012 I was at my heaviest- 255lbs NO JOKE...


I was a stay home mom, but a very active one always staying busy with my kids. I would also go to our local gym in the evening and workout for an hour or two. (Spinning, circuit training classes and personal training.) It just wasn't working- something was missing! 


My husband started this thing call CrossFit and he LOVED it. Seth begged me over and over to go try it out..


I watched some videos about CrossFit to check it out…I was 255 lbs, there was NO WAY!


Seriously, I thought to myself there's NO WAY I can do that stuff..


I had zero confidence and low self-esteem so I made EVERY Excuse in the book to him... 


Here are just a few:


My knees hurt, I have arthritis in them…

My back hurts, I can't lift weight…

My boobs are too big…

It's not for me…


I'm sure you get my point.


I went to the doctors for a checkup and to get some test results. When she came in, she sat down and told me I didn't have arthritis in my knees (my knees hurt me because I was overweight. She also told me that I was borderline diabetic and if I didn’t do something I was not going to live a very long life. 


So, I did it… I went to CF.  


I was scared shitless!


(I'm the only fat/chubby girl, I'm the new girl, no one will like me, etc) 


I hated it. I was so scared every time I walked through the doors, but I was determined to change my life.


Back to why our 6 week programs are a great starting point...


I've heard over and over the past 3 years how scared people are/were to walk in the door.


I'm not going to lie it's the hardest part of this journey.  


If I had a beginner’s course I probably would have started my journey sooner.


Our 6 week programs are the perfect gateway to CrossFit.


What we have at CF330 isn't like any other boot camp/program....


It's special.


We have this AMAZING Community/Family that supports each other and works together to succeed.


When someone falls we pick each other back up.  


No one is left behind and no one is doing the workout on their own because we are STRONGER TOGETHER!!!


At Evolution boot camp and our 330 Training Camp, we really focus on teaching the basic functional movements of CrossFit and teaching the basics of modification.


It is a very noncompetitive/ nonthreatening environment.


Athletes learn how to work together and support each other while making lifelong friends.  


One of our primary goals is to instill the confidence it takes to reach our goals.  


Everyone has to start somewhere and not everyone is the exact same.  


CrossFit 330 is truly Fitness for EveryBODY!


~ Carmen