Fitness and Fun!


I want you to be in amazing shape for the rest of your life!  

Soooo, are we having fun yet?

Do you get excited to go to CrossFit class or do you feel like it's a chore?

If you truly enjoy coming to CF 330 then you are doing it right!  

I want you to keep it up.  Chances are...if you enjoy your fitness program (whatever that may be) you will continue with it for extended time/life.  

That is the point here.  

We don't wanna get fitter for awhile just to give it up and go back to a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle.  

When we enjoy what we do we stick with it and the results will come (and stay). 

If you do not look forward to working out with us then what can we do to change that?  

We dont want anyone to give up.  Let's first take a look at your general mindset.  

Are you positive or negative?  

Are you open to criticism or are you too proud for help?

Are you willing to try new things or do you just stay in your comfy zone?   

Are you outgoing and friendly with your fellow crossfitters/coaches or do you just keep to yourself?  

Do you make the gym a better place or do you bring the energy level down?  

These things matter!  

Not only do we want you to have fun, we want everyone to have fun....Do your part!  

 I think you may find that when you put some emphasis on making it fun for others you will have more fun, yourself!

Say hello to everyone, be silly, make jokes, sing out loud,  dance, wear goofy clothes, grunt during a lift, yell out some inspiration (during a wod) and high five everyone in the room (after a wod).

Just have fun!!!!

A great way to start would be to wear an amazing halloween costume to class on Tuesday!   Let's see your creative side