Crossfit.... Cults and.... Kool Aid, Oh MY!

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say it.


Or maybe you have even had it said to you.


The dreaded “Don’t drink the Kool- aid” or “CrossFit is a cult.”


Maybe you have even had someone tell you “you’ve changed since you started going to the gym.”


And while we are certainly not cult leaders (let’s be real, I would never drink the Kool-Aid) there is a vein of truth running through some of those statements…


The fact of the matter is you probably have changed since you started CrossFit.


And while change can be uncomfortable, it’s not necessarily a bad thing….After all without change there is no growth.


But that is a topic for another day.


Today I want to delve into that thought of CrossFit being a cult…or club…or whatever adjective people are throwing around these days.


It’s not about the WODs…


Or the fact that we will get up at 4:30 am to make it to the gym by 5:00 am….


Or the fact that we will pack our whole family up and ALL be excited to hit the gym…


Or the fact that now we “eat funny.”


Or the fact that we have our own lingo…


Nope, what it all comes down two factors (in my opinion anyway.)


The first is that age old saying “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.”


As you have committed to the gym and made some changes to your lifestyle you have probably also made some new friends.


I know that I find when I go through a tough experience, such a hero WOD or really any WOD, I feel a bond to those people I experienced it with.


The same holds true for people that I see on a regular basis…especially when we are pushing each other to reach our goals, picking each other up when we fail, and supporting each other to not eat that piece of cheesecake….


Once we bond with people we tend to include them in our social circle.


Put that into a gym setting and you are looking at 10 new friends in a class.


Mix in being excited about CrossFit, goals and new workout gear and now you have a new group of people you want to hang out and talk to.


And BOOM, just like that: CrossFit is a Cult.


Topic number 2: Events


While CrossFit 330 is place to go and workout, get adjusted, or hang out with your crew we also do a lot of things together outside the WOD.


Breakfast…Holiday Parties…Competitions….Galentine’s Day…Bro Night…Pizza Parties….Book Club… 33Olympics…The Open Intramurals…Softball….the list could go on and on.


The fact of the matter is we do offer a social aspect to the gym because frankly we WANT to build relationships with you and we WANT you to build them with other members.




There are a variety of reasons.


Mainly because we tend to actually like our members… the CF330 family isn’t just a term we throw around it is something we actually feel and believe in.


Another big reason though… is the fact that when you get involved in the social aspect of the gym, you feel more apart of everything which in turn makes you more committed to the gym and YOUR GOALS.


And that my friends is huge to us!


We want you to hit the goals you have for yourself.


A strong community supporting you is going to help you do that.


So we try to offer things outside of our regularly scheduled classes to help you not only have a blast (because you know we always do) but also to allow our members to bond with each other and get to know people outside of their normal classes.

Plus, let’s face it sometimes it’s nice to see people in “normal clothes” J


Never been to a CF330 Event?!


We have 3 coming up that you can check out.


Saturday November 4th- 330 Throwdown

Saturday, November 4th -Pizza Party

Saturday December 2nd- Holiday Party


We would love to see you there!


~ Michelle