You Can't Out Fitness Nutrition

You Can’t Out Fitness Nutrition

Many of us spend several hours of our week inside the CrossFit 330 walls. While we all have different personal goals we’re striving to achieve (i.e, weight loss, energy to play with your kids outside, lower blood pressure, etc) while busting our tails on the day’s WOD, there is one thing we all have in common: We are all trying to become the healthiest version of ourselves we can be. You’ve committed to the fitness portion on the health spectrum, but have you also made the commitment to support that with a solid nutrition regime?

Last year I made the decision to place a little more emphasis on my CrossFit training. At that point I had competed in several competitions and usually placed around the middle of the field. I was tired of not being as competitive as I wanted to be amongst the other female athletes. I concluded that I just wasn’t fit enough yet, so I needed to work harder and spend more time in the gym perfecting my movements. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the most efficient and effective way to do this. I came up with a plan and committed to it 100%. I NEVER missed my scheduled training time. Meanwhile, I continued to eat how I had been. I ate out for lunch frequently (at Bob Evans if I was choosing), didn’t really consider portion sizes at all, but overall I didn’t think I ate too badly. I mean come on- I’m a CrossFitter. I grind through hard workouts every day and leave the gym completely beat- I can basically eat whatever I want and still see the results I’m looking for, right? So, I amped up my training, ate whatever I wanted, and signed up for another competition. Guess what happened? I did no better in that competition than I had in any of my other previous outings. It turns out no matter how many hours I spent in the gym, garbage in equated to garbage out. I was not immune to the phenomena of not being able to out train my food choices. My nutrition regime did NOT support my fitness goals.

Now, how did I decide what nutrition program would work best for me? Like the true biologist that I am, I began to research and read all sorts of media outlets to find something that I wanted to try. Key word here is TRY. I say try because we all know there are tons of different ideas, opinions, and options when it comes to nutrition programs. What works for me may not work as well for you, and choosing one program over another can be extremely overwhelming.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the human body is we were all (generally) given the same parts to work with, but our bodies do not all function the same. So, guess what you get to do?! Experiment on yourself! Find a nutrition LIFESTYLE that excites you, makes sense for your body, and is something you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. And, as with any good experiment, you need time to collect enough data to determine if your new lifestyle choices are accomplishing what you want it to. What this means is Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your body. While jumping on the next 14, 24, 30, or 50 day “challenge” is a great place to start, you really need to allow for about 12 weeks of focused, on-point nutrition to see real changes start to occur.

You commit to CrossFit 100%.

You commit to getting a new tattoo 100%.

You commit to spending time with your children 100%.

What’s stopping you from committing to a healthier nutrition lifestyle?

If you want to optimize your time, effort, and financial commitment to the gym then you’re going to have to consider your personal eating habits as well. Trust me, you can’t have one without the other. Your gainz will plateau if you do not fuel your body with the foods it needs to recover, generate muscle, and decrease body fat. After several months of committing to both my fitness and nutrition regimes (because let’s be real, sustainable changes do not happen magically overnight), I no longer just a middle of the pack competitor. In fact, my partner & I made it into the final workout of a RX competition for the first time ever!

I challenge YOU to set your sights on your own health goals and find the combination of fitness and nutrition tools you need to crush those goals!

~ Kelcie