Open Intramurals

Have you signed up for the open yet?

Did you know that we are having a friendly team competition at CrossFit 330?

We want everyone to participate and have fun!

Really, the more the merrier!

There will be an RX and Scaled WOD each week.

Here are a few key points .

The open wods will be our Friday wods for the next 5 weeks.

There will be an RX and Scaled WOD each week but there are some movements that we have seen in the past and will likely see this year to keep in mind.

Minimum requirements: 
Able to squat below parallel
Hanging knee raises
Single under jumprope
Hand release pushups

If you can perform these movements then the open is for you!!!

Let me (Seth) know if you want to be placed on one of our four teams.

Check out the video below for more information about the Intramural Open.