The Story of Our Logo

A few weeks ago I was talking to a member and made a comment about something having to do with our logo. Much to my surprise that member had no idea what I was talking about. The remainder of that conversation went something Iike this..


Me: “Do you know the meaning behind our logo?”

Member: “No”

Me: “But you know what the logo represents, right?”

Member: “No”

Me: “But you know what is coming off the words, right?”

Member: “Not really. Just figured it was a design.”

Me: …Explains logo…

Member: “You should really tell people that. It makes a lot more sense now.”


And here we are today- me sitting down to write this blog post explaining our logo and the meaning behind it. It never even crossed my mind that people didn’t know the symbolism, apparently I assume that you all reside within my brain and share in my thoughts… (Ok, so that would be pretty scary. :P)


I am going to assume that you all know the story of how CrossFit 330 came to be. (If you don’t you can go here to read that story )


So when my aunt and I were working on our logo she asked me to dig into the mental components of the gym. Things like why we were opening it, what we wanted it to be, and what it meant to us?


The answer to pretty much all of those questions came back to the story of the phoenix in mythology (which was incidentally my favorite class in college and high school.)


If you have never heard it, the short version is that a phoenix is a bird that would live for multiple centuries by burning itself in a funeral pyre and then being reborn from the ashes to start another life cycle.


To me CrossFit 330 was a chance at rebirth. A chance to do something I love.


It was also a chance for our members to have a rebirth themselves, whether it been in health and wellness, confidence, socially, or whatever goals an individual wanted to achieve.


I wanted to incorporate the phoenix into our logo somehow, but since like 1 million gyms use the phoenix as their logo I wanted it to be less obvious. From there we decided to have the wings of a phoenix surrounding CrossFit 330, which is what you can see when looking at our logo.


The next time you look at our logo I challenge you to think about how you and/or your life has shifted, changed or been reborn since starting…Or how you would like it to be. I would love to hear your responses if you are willing to share.


-       Michelle