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The Guide to CrossFit Gift Giving

I'm sure many of you saw the holiday lights and displays already going up in the stores the day after Halloween!  I know we still have Thanksgiving this week, but we all know talk and thoughts have started heading in the direction of gift-giving.

I think my husband has told me to start a list for the past three months, because I always struggle with that part.  I put more focus on what to get others.

Last year's blog, around this same time, was a list of gift ideas in case you needed them for suggestions for yourself or an idea to get something for others.  We have a lot of new folks in the gym as well as our veteran framily that could use help from this list anytime. I decided to revisit this list and tweak or add here and there.

There are so many things I could add to the list, but here are a few to get you started (**note these are suggestions only - personal preference is a huge factor **):

Shoes: For general WOD purposes, a Nike Metcon, Reebok Nano, Innov8 or NoBull is a good all around shoe. For the Olympic lifting, I would recommend investing in a set of lifters.  It's important to try these on in a store, then you may be able to find a good deal online.  Ask around to see how people use the sizing differences.

Wrist Wraps: There are a couple different types. Some just have a shoe string to wrap around the fabric. Others have a thumb loop and velcro wrap.  You can find these at stores like a general sporting goods store as well as online at Amazon or Rogue.

Knee Sleeves: If you're looking for some extra knee support, many highly recommend the RehBand sleeves. They're not too thick and provide just the right support.

Weight Belts: Again, this is another area that has a high factor of personal preference.  For most novice and intermediate athletes, a recommendation would be to get a fabric belt versus a leather belt. Some common types are 2pood, Harbinger, Rogue and even Amazon has a couple generic brands including Valeo.

Mobility Tools: Lacrosse balls, foam rollers, yoga mat, yoga block and bands for all things stretching are amazing gifts and stocking stuffers.

AdvoCare: There are tons of OPTIONS here. Talk to one of the coaches to get some more ideas.  A few suggestions that won't steer you wrong are Spark, ready-to-drink Protein, Catalyst, Nighttime Recovery and O2 Gold.

Meal Prep Accessories: Important items are some good containers, a carrying bag and even a food scale if you're getting technical. You can find a variety of containers on Amazon. I use FitPacker which are an appropriate size and microwave safe.  Isolator Fitness has multiple size carrying bags to choose from. And finally, there is a fantastic food scale you can get on Amazon as well. It is called Nourish food scale.

Other things like 330 gear from the online store, massages, chiropractic care, epsom salts, callus repair kit and more are great stocking stuffers too.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to gifts for you or the athlete in your life!  Hopefully you now have a couple fun ideas.. happy shopping!





Did you know that traveling and working out don't have to be exclusive? We do such a good job of hitting the gym throughout the week, then we travel and seem to set that aside.  I'm no different.