Traditions, New and Old....


 The holidays are a time that we spend hours celebrating with traditions.  Whether it be putting up trees, lighting candles, preparing and eating special foods, or giving and receiving gifts, traditions play a big role in our relationships with family and friends this time of year. 

This holiday season consider starting or passing on some new traditions…traditions that provide a healthy balance to a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthy foods…most of the time. 

Allow yourself to enjoy the holidays (and other special occasions), but choose healthy options whenever possible.

Eat a cookie.  Enjoy a glass of wine.   Have some of Gramma’s famous mashed potatoes.  In a time crunch because you’re busy with holiday errands? It is ok to go through the drive thru.

It’s all about moderation and picking the healthiest options that are available.    

 Drink water. 

Our bodies and brains need water to function properly.  Water aids in digestion, the absorption of nutrients, circulation, and body temperature regulation.  It energizes muscles and keeps kidneys functioning properly. 

Feeling foggy or forgetting things? Try drinking more water. 

Move your body everyday. 

Attend a CrossFit class. Go for a walk.  Shovel the driveway.  Take the stairs.  Clean the house.  Have a dance party with your grandchildren. 

Americans have become very sedentary…which has led to all types of health problems. 

It’s ok to have a quiet day at home having a Netflix marathon…just don’t do it all the time. Again…it’s about moderation. 

On days that you can’t get to the gym, do something that gets your body moving.

Get enough sleep. 

I know…easier said than done. Studies have been conducted with elite athletes that illustrate the importance of sleep.  Getting enough sleep improves reaction times, reduces injury rates and mental errors, and aids in muscle recovery. 

Control what you can control.  Don’t always be the last one to leave the party.  Don’t always watch the next episode.  Kids in bed early? Do the same.

Take care of injuries. 

Having an injury doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything.  Work with your coaches and medical team to devise the best plan for you. Cut yourself a break if you’ve been sick or injured. 

The mental toll of being sidelined is often worse than the injury itself.  Again, control what you can control.  Pay closer attention to your diet or work on mobility.    

Be content. 

Be grateful for who you are and what you have.  So many people get caught up in the trap of I’ll be happy when…the kids are out of diapers…I lose 10 pounds…I have a new car…I make $X…I can squat 500 pounds.

Don’t get caught in that trap! 

Because guess what?  That stuff won’t make you happy either. 

That’s not to say not to have goals.  Goals ARE important.  (Dustin talked about them a couple weeks ago.)  Enjoy the process of working toward a goal. 

Picture a child building with blocks and knocking down the tower over and over again.  She just loves building the tower and knocking it over.  Process over product. 

Be present.  Stop and smell the roses.  It’s about liking yourself and being happy and in the moment.

Learn from mistakes and disappointments.  Sometimes you give it your best and still fall short. Apologize when you haven’t given your best or have hurt someone.   

Find people that would like to share these traditions with you and make them part of your crew.  Share them with your family.  Incorporating one or more of them will help add some healthy habits and balance to your life.       

Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family in the New Year!