What's in Your Goodie Bag?!

Thanksgiving is this week and while I'm thankful for so many things such as my family, my friends, YOU, and my health just to name a few, I'm starting to turn my sights on Christmas.  In our family Christmas lists are due Thursday, so my wheels have been turning!


If you're like me, I enjoy the giving part more so it's hard to come up with things for my own list..which drives my husband insane! :)  I thought I'd help the Tribe out with some ideas for your list.  Whether you've been working out for a long time or are a newbie, you might get something out of the list below!  Keep in mind, many things can be a personal preference as well - worth trying things out. Dustin always says shoes and wrist wraps are the top 2 items to look at first, so we'll start there....


Shoes: Try them on somewhere and get them online. Reebok Nanos, Nike Metcons, and Innov8s are great for the majority of workouts. A set of Reebok LIfters are good for the Olympic lifting and Seth shared that the Lifters are also good to help stabalize ankles in those squat positions.


Accessories: So many options! 

Wrist wraps - These can be purchased easily at Dick's, online or other sporting good stores. I am a fan of ones that have a thumb loop and secure by velcroe, but there are also ones that wrap and tie around the wrist.


Grips - These help with obviously "gripping" the bar with added wrist support primarily for gymnastics functions. Kelcie is a big fan of the Bear Komplex grips. 


Jump ropes - Lisa and Seth both recommend the Rogue speed ropes. Another good one are the Rx ropes which have a little bit of a thicker handle. Several options are adjustable to your height and Rx comes by height.


Knee Sleeves - I love my Rehband knee sleeves.  They are not too thick to hinder any movement but provide just enough support to keep my knees healthy.


Tape - This can be used for muscle support as well as overall protection from bars and movements. Michelle recommends keeping some athletic tape on hand. There is easy to find tape at WalMart such as NexCare (I see you Chisnell), while others like KT or Rock brand tape.


Gym bag necessities - Carmen likes to keep a variety of items for those "oh crap" moments. Things like a shaker cup, ponytail bands, extra socks, change of gym clothes, tampons/pads, deodorant are all good items to keep on hand. 


Nutrition - Before these suggestions, if you are not sure where to start with any kind of nutrition and supplements, talk to a coach for some direction!  


AdvoCare - Lots of options here! We have so many of you that LOVE some Spark, O2 Gold and Catalyst. These are a couple great staples from AdvoCare. Michelle also mentioned the ready to drink AdvoCare protein.


Gummy Bears - Some people wonder, but these help with reinstating the drop in sugar you experience during a workout.  There is no option on gummy bears here....don't bother bringing out your gummy bears if it's not Haribo (gold pack) all the way! You will be judged otherwise...just kidding...or am I? :)


Protein - AdvoCare has a ton of options here: muscle gain, post workout recovery, ready to drink and post. All pre-digested for the best absorption and they taste good. Optimum Nutrition is one of Nate's go-to brands.


Self Care  - So important and yet so neglected! 


Mobility - I agree with Lisa when she mentioned some mobility tools like a lacrosse ball (or 5 to keep everywhere), foam roller and stretching bands. Great for recovery. 


Bath - When Pam is in her "office" (tub), she highly recommends using salts with magnesium sulfate in them to help relax those muscles. Her favorite is Muscle Through from Perfectly Posh. Another good one is Dr. Teal's. 


Don't forget some chiropractic care as well as those massages to help keep in line and muscles healthy. Of course a visit with our favorite chiropractor is right upstairs with Dr. Darek Stanfield.  And a gift certificate to Loyal Oak Massage would be AMAZING in your stocking! 


That's the list! Hopefully you got some ideas for your list or for your favorite Swolemate; I know I did!