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You want to feel confident in your own skin, to be proud and strong, to say YES to the things you want to do without anything holding you back. That's what our Platinum Club is all about; helping you finally stay consistent with your fitness to achieve – and maintain – the body and health you want so you can live life to your fullest

We get it. You value your health. You didn't plan to get off track. But you’re busy! Between family and professional commitments it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You don’t have time to mess around with fitness and nutrition programs that don’t work. You’ve been-there-done-that with programs that aren’t tailored to your needs that leave you unmotivated to continue, injured or with little results.

Maybe it's been while  since you’ve really followed any fitness program (or maybe you have never stuck with one) but you know you need to get started. Or you’ve been working out but struggle with staying consistent or just aren’t seeing the results you want.

You need something different. What you need is a step-by-step action plan that is customized for your specific needs, not another list of someone else’s ‘eat this, not that food rules and cookie cutter fitness routine. You want a place where you belong.

And that’s exactly what we do. 

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place!

Our Platinum Club specializes in providing small group personal training services and more for everyday men and women, primarily between 35-65 years old, who lead busy lives and want to love the way they feel again. Our Platinum Club is our most comprehensive fitness and lifestyle coaching package. Our programs are designed to give you the guidance and tools to make a true lifestyle change, in a warm, positive and non-intimidating family like community you’ll call home.

What to expect when you join our platinum club

  • Fit into Your Skinny Jeans

  • Look Better Naked

  • Rock That Little Black Dress

  • Tone Up

  • Lose Weight

  • Gain Confidence

  • Feel Ready to Take on the World, and Your Day

  • Increased Energy

I am so thankful I took a leap and joined this gym! I started with the WBBC and transitioned into crossfit when I completed the program. The coaches and people apart of this gym are phenomenal. It truly is a place for everyBODY. What’s holding you back?
— Tia Smith
I started boot camp in January 2017 and continued on with CrossFit. As of May 1st, I have lost lots of inches, 25 pounds and lowered my A1C from 6.9 to 5.8. I am so thrilled with my results and want to thank everyone who has helped me. If you are thinking about joining, Do it!! It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.
— Alyson Cope
Great coaches, great workouts, great facility, and great community of people who already work out there! Everybody and every body type fits in and can make any work out fit for any level.
— Jecca Starcher
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you can be our next success story

Personal Training, Platinum Club

What all is included in platinum club

  • Programs Designed For You

Personal program design based around your needs and fitness level with a new program built regularly to progress you safely and efficiently towards your goals. Your trainer will be with you at every session to lead you through your workouts, ensure correct form, instruct on proper equipment use, keep you safe and motivate you to your best.

  • Fast and Effective Workouts

You’re busy, and the last thing you need or want to do is spend hours in the gym to get results! Your session will focus on challenging but appropriate strength training to help you burn fat, build lean muscle tone, and improve your strength. Each session incorporates tailored cardio training to boost your metabolism. You’ll be in and out and back to your day in within an hour.

  • Coaching + Accountability

This is where the magic happens! During your progress check ins, we’ll celebrate successes, bust through barriers and challenges and create a short-term action plan to help you reach your goals. Every 8 weeks we track your progress so you can see your improvements. Whether you are here at the gym or traveling the globe, we’ll make sure you have a plan to follow to reach your goals. Let’s do this together!

  • Belong to a Supportive Community

There’s no ‘gymtimidation’ at CF330. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be welcomed to the 330 family. We have amazingly supportive members who encourage each other along the way. Connect with others at the gym, in our private Facebook page, or participate in our community events. Between coaching sessions, read our health and fitness tips on our blog, attend group classes such as RESTORE, or enjoy our other resources online. 

  • Meal Plans, Supplements and Nutrition Coaching

We include nutritional coaching as well as supplements so you can see your best possible results. You’re busy, SPARK is going to help boost your mental clarity and focus to the next level while giving you a little extra energy to get thru your day at your best. Our family friendly recipes, and meal plans will get you started on the right foot fast! .

  • Pick Your Schedule

Our Platinum Club session options start as early as 6 am and run throughout the day. Or upgrade into a private time slot and reserve your own hours.